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Our COVID-19 Response

To know how we are keeping our resort clean and safe for your.
The exotic experience of Amayaah.


Our COVID-19 Response

We welcome you to Amaayah, a retreat in the safety and serenity of nature to heal your mind, body, and soul. Continue your journey towards the discovery of inner peace among the calm of the Himalayan refuge. Amaayah beckons its patrons, and we look forward to serving you again with the highest standards of hygiene and safety. As always. 

Let go of post-pandemic conventions and protocol while we take care of your wellbeing. We have ensured that Amayaah stays a Covid-19 free zone through the most stringent safety measures.

We hope and pray that your family, friends, and you are doing well and are in good health while the world is reeling under the COVID-19 pandemic. However, our commitment to your safety is paramount. We have made necessary changes in our operations to give you the best-in-class safety measures that don't impact your experience. You are perfectly safe when you come to Amaayah.

Situated in the lap of nature, Amaayah is a safe haven enveloped by the graceful Sal/ Silver Oak forests where you can breathe free. The tranquillity and serene landscapes will help you escape the pandemic's chaos in secluded spaces with private pools and spas. We are especially proud of the attention we give to each guest – and that our guests are not lost in the commotion of a ‘retreat’ but receive our complete attention and care at each step of their journey.

While we have reopened all our services for an experience that is holistic, pristine, and bespoke, we have taken the following measures to ensure all guests' and staff's wellbeing.

Steps we have
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Living Spaces

As a part of ensuring Covid safe environment we offer only Villas and not individual Rooms. However should you wish to book a Room, Master Suite can be booked and we will ensure that the other rooms in the villa are blocked and not occupied to ensure your safety.

The villa is with its individual Chef and Butler to provide personalized curated services, individually crafted for the guests, be it Yoga and meditation program or International Spa therapy Welcome to your Private Resort in the Himalayas. Please note that only one couple/family/group can stay in one villa at one time.

Wellness Spa

Experience your Covid safe Wellness/SPA: The means to health and wellness could have no better home. Enjoy relaxed Signature Massages at your covid safe private Spa with Jacuzzi, Steam and Sauna with Chill Shower and experience shower at your individual disposal.

We offer Individual/couple private SPA therapies with the gap of minimum one hour for the next guest after the sanitization.

Gym Protocol

Gym can be used with prior time slot booking to ensure that you/ your family/social group are the ones only using the gym at that time. Each equipment is sanitised after they have been used by different guest/s.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool can be used with prior notice. Only one couple/family/group can use at same time. Next guests can use after the filtration, that takes minimum 4 hours.