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We invite you to journey this tranquil experience with us.
The exotic experience of Amayaah.

Life at Amayaah!

Amayaah Spa Resort is your private 7 star wellness resort. The resort has Rooms overlooking Himalayan mountain ranges and Ganges meandering down Rishikesh, in Villas to enable the guests to enjoy family/ friends / guest bonding in a tranquil environment . The villa is with its individual Chef and Butler to provide personalised curated services, individually crafted for the guests, be it Yoga and meditation program or International Spa therapy Welcome to your Private Resort in the Himalayas


The means to health and wellness could have no better home. Enjoy relaxed Signature Massages at our Spa with Jacuzzi, Steam and Sauna with Chill Shower and experience shower

Amayaah Spa
Amayaah Gym

Tone your body with a state-of-the-art gymnasium, with Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Bike, Multi Gym and Weights


Peace of Mind, Fatigue, Relieving Stress, etc., whatever is your reason for joining a yoga program, just remember, finish what you start.

Amayaah Yoga
Amayaah Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation

If Stress has you anxious, tense and worried, consider our meditation programme. Here we focus on mind and body practices bringing in Calmness with interaction among brain, mind, body and behavior

Happiness Package

Enroll in the Happiness Package to enjoy the benefits of this unique powerful breathing technique which eliminates stress, anger, frustration, and depression, leaving you calm yet energized, focused yet relaxed for sustained happiness

Amayaah Happiness
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The guests will have access to

Billiards/ Pool room

Amayaah Slider
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The guests will have access to

Card and Chess room

Amayaah Sliders
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The guests will have access to

Swimming Pool

Amayaah Sliders
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The guests will have access to


The Amayaah library will have one of the finest collection of books that cut across a wide range of discipline and subjects.

Amayaah Programmes

Pay Back to Society

There is more to Amayaah that just en enriching lifestyle. We have a variety of community outreach initiatives that allows you to enrich the lives of the community around Amayaah. To begin with, you can sponsor a family or the education of a child from the local community to nurture or guide extra-curricular talent of children. Or, for that matter decide to adopt a village.

Be it improving the vocational skills or living standards, you could contribute to community life around you. Opportunities Amayaah include sponsoring schools or building schools or starting charitable dispensaries or clinics. You can contribute with your mind and your effort towards providing adult education, assistance to increase farms/dairy production or venture assistance for local entrepreneurs.


Book Your Stay

To book your stay, please do contact us directly—email and phone numbers below. We are working towards online booking but are not set up for this yet.